‘Tell me, what it is that you plan to do with your one wild and precious life’

Mary Oliver

Purpose Guidance

I am increasingly being drawn to support others to embody and uncover their true purpose. I offer guidance and encouragement to those who long to live a life of meaning and journey towards wholeness. Central to this work is the capacity to connect with who you were meant to ‘be’, rather than what you were meant to ‘do’. The joy is then in discovering the vehicle which will enable you to bring your unique gifts and ways of being into the world.

Although I’ve had many roles/vehicles in my life and career: psychotherapist, mother, wife, sister, psychology teacher, meditation teacher, yoga teacher, doula – the same core purpose guided how they were all expressed. It gave the vehicle direction and meaning (and I fully expect and hope there to be new roles in the future). 

For me the missing piece in both psychotherapy and spirituality is the recognition of the importance of purpose. A wonderful teacher of mine, Jonathan Gustin (founder of the Purpose Guide Institute) states that unlike psychotherapy (which is most often about facilitating healing and growth at the level of the ego-personality) and spirituality and meditation (which leans towards emphasising the importance of resting as unbounded awareness), purpose guidance supports us to identify what we are here to embody in this lifetime.  

It is my experience that the current social, educational and economic structures of our society can very often hinder our awakening to our true purpose. For many, the message given is that our purpose is simply not compatible with what is deemed practical and responsible. As a consequence we can feel unfulfilled and disconnected from our passion, creativity and that which deeply nourishes us and indeed the world. 

It is my wish that together we might explore the territory so beautifully described by Frederick Buechner:

The place where your deep gladness (joy) 

and the world’s deep hunger (longing) meet

Purpose guidance may be the predominant reason you choose to engage with me or simply inform our therapy. Either way, I see the work as an intrinsic part of the journey to becoming a fulfilled human being. It is through connecting with purpose that we are able to put down the roots that allow us to grow and embody our potential and lead a fulfilled life. 

We will then have the ability to navigate the storm and our levels of anxiety and stress reduce significantly. It is not that life is never hard, painful or scary.

When we embody our life’s purpose it never feels like a burden or an effort. It longs to share itself with the world and enriches and nourishes us just as much in the process; 

‘It’s about being of service in a way only you can be, embracing your wild, rejecting nothing, authentic and true’

Frieda Nixdorf (Purpose Guide and Mentor)

It’s about finding your identity and becoming an ever deeper and authentic expression of who you are as a human being.